Collaborative Family Law 

Divorce Shouldn't Be War

 The Collaborative Divorce process is a new paradigm for people to utilize and  a shift in thought process that recognizes the parties are the best suited to make decisions about how their divorce should be resolved in the best interest of their family.

Collaborative Divorce is a team approach where the participants work with an assembly of professionals to craft their own agreements. Participants work toward a resolution in a way that keeps the best interest of their children and others affected by the divorce in mind

The benefits of a Collaborative Divorce include:

  • It's confidential – Participants can stay out of the courtroom while working toward a resolution. 

  • It's focused on the family - with a greater emphasis on the long-term emotional and financial well-being of both you, your spouse and your children. Your children and any friends and family are less likely to feel ‘caught in between’.

  • It's creative and customized – the process allows for a dialogue that permits participants to keep living during the divorce process and to reach resolutions that meet everyone’s needs. The meetings and the process also occurs on the participant’s schedules and not the court’s required timelines and schedules. 

  • It may be more cost effective – participants immediately work toward settlement.  There is no money wasted on trial preparation or unnecessary litigation.